Where to Buy Clean Beauty Products

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You want to try clean beauty products, but you’re not sure where to go to buy them. Here are a list of stores you can shop at to buy clean beauty. 


Sephora | Shop Here

Sephora is available online and in-store. If you have a Sephora near you, head on over there to see what they have in their clean beauty section. Of course, always do your research in terms of specific products or brands. For the most part, I think Sephora has a good curated list of clean beauty products you can choose from or try out. They offer both clean skincare and clean makeup. 


Credo Beauty | Shop Here

Credo is available online and in-store, but they only have a few store locations. Credo is a curated clean beauty shop—meaning, they only offer clean beauty things. I like that Credo also includes skincare, makeup, and wellness items as well.


Detox Market | Shop Here

Detox Market is available online and in-store, but they only have a few store locations. Detox Market is a curated clean beauty shop. However, Detox Market offers more than just skincare and makeup. They also offer wellness, fragrances, and body-care products. They are also known for their subscription box which starts as low as $39.95 per month and includes $90 or more worth of products to try to out.


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Petit Vour | Shop Here

Petit Vour is available online. They are a curated clean beauty and lifestyle shop. Their curated products are not only clean but also cruelty-free. Aside from beauty, they also offer accessories and clothes. Petit Vour is also known for their monthly subscription box which starts at $15 a box and includes 4 beauty products. 


Target | Shop Here

Target now offers a clean beauty section in their beauty department! You can find the newest brands they carry near Burt Bee’s and Pacifica. Some of the new clean beauty brand that Target carries are also available on curated site like Credo Beauty and Detox Market, which is a huge plus! So, you don’t have travel far to find clean beauty—check out your local Target. 


And those are 5 stores where you can buy clean beauty. There are a lot of stores out there, now offering clean beauty options which is great! These are just stores I’ve shopped at and enjoying shopping at.

You can check out how to shop for clean skincare here. I share some tips I use when I’m shopping for beauty online.

What are some stores you’ve shopped for clean beauty? Share below!

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