7 Clean Beauty Brands To Try

Photo by    Alex Loup    on    Unsplash

Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash


People are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies as well as what they put on their bodies, which is also why clean beauty is becoming relevant and important. 

There are new beauty brands that are creating new and innovative products that are clean. (I am using clean loosely and inclusively here: non-toxic, sustainable, organic, natural, naturally-driven, plant-driven, vegan, and/or cruelty free). There are also beloved brands that are integrating new and clean products into their lines. 

I think that the more we are aware of the things around us, the better we can judge for ourselves what will work and won’t work for our lifestyles.

Whether you are just want to try out different beauty brands, you’re looking into transitioning to clean beauty, or you’re already a clean beauty user, these are clean beauty brands you should try out.

100% Pure: Shop brand here

This brand is both skincare and makeup. Their makeup line uses fruit pigments, which I think is awesome. They offer a wide range of skincare options and makeup options to choose from.

I haven’t used their products, but I recently bought some of their makeup products to try out. Will update with a review soon!

Here are some of their popular products: Mattifying Primer, BB Cream, Cocoa Powder Bronzer, and Cocoa-butter semi-matte lipsticks.

Beauty Counter: Shop brand here

This brand is both skincare and makeup. They have a wide-range of different skincare lines to choose from depending on your skincare problems. They have products geared towards men. They also carry a great makeup selection.

I love the movement Beauty Counter is heading. I’ve tried their beauty balm before—it helped to remove makeup and I loved it!

Indie Lee: Shop brand here

This brand is a skincare brand. The ingredients on most of the products are very simple and clean. They offer a lot of sample sizes you can purchase and try out. 

7 Clean Beauty Brands You Should Try Out-2 copy.png

I haven’t used their products but I’ve heard great things about them. I’m actually waiting for my order to come in since I’ve finished my Tatcha skincare products. Will give an update on their skincare soon!

Here are some of their products that has good reviews: Brightening Cleanser, Coq-10 Face Toner, and Squalane Oil. You can also get their discovery kit to try out some of their products!

Biossance: Shop brand here

This brand is a skincare brand. They’re innovative and transparent about their ingredients and their creation process. They offer an option for you to get mini sizes to try out.

I’ve tried a few of their mini sizes and have loved them! Here are some products I’ve heard are good: 100% Squalane oil, Squalane + Probiotic Moisturizer, and Squalane + Tea Tree Cleanser.

Tatcha: Shop brand here

This is a Japanese beauty brand and has both skincare and makeup products. They have a small selection of makeup but a wide range of skincare products. They offer deluxe sample sizes for almost all of their skincare products. They also have different sets available for different skincare issues. 

I have a review of the Tatcha products I’ve been using you can read here. I especially love their deep cleanser which you find at Sephora. I also like silk canvas primer. Here’s a kit with some of their bestselling products at Sephore.

Farmacy Beauty: Shop brand here

This brand is a skincare brand. They use plant driven ingredients and science for the best formulation for their products. Their skincare products continue to grow. They do offer some deluxe sizes for their products. 

I’ve been using their Green Clean makeup melt, and seriously love love that product! I got the mini size from Sephora but you can get the full-size if you use makeup on the daily. It’s a great product for double cleansing.

W3LL People: Shop brand here

This is a makeup brand. They offer a wide range of makeup products from face to cheek, eyes, and lips. They also carry some mini sizes for some of their makeup products.

I recently got their bio tinted moisturizer, bio-based powder foundation, and liquid eyeliner. So far, I’m loving the tinted moisturizer and powder foundation! If you have a Target, head on over to see if they carry this brand! I got mine from my local Target.

And those are the 7 clean beauty brands to try out! I’ve used products from 5 out of the 7 clean beauty brands mentioned here, but the other 2 brands are making their way into my beauty collection right now. If you haven’t read my post about why I’m transitioning to clean beauty, you can read it here

The prices on these brands’ products are comparable to the prices of your normal high-end beauty products. If you are able to try out some of these products in person, I’d recommend doing that. Otherwise, I think the reviews on the websites, in my experience, are pretty reliable and accurate. 

Have you tried products from any of these brands? What are some clean beauty brands you love? Share them in them comments!

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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