Starting a Fashion Brand for Women | Interview with Amanda Redmon

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I found Amanda’s fashion brand on Instagram not too long ago and fell in love with her style and aesthetic. Her fashion brand Formation (you can check it out here) is cut and sewn in the USA with high quality fiber cloth sourced worldwide. Their clothing is designed to fit and flatter with intentions of comfort and wearability. Without further adieu, here is the interview with Amanda about fashion design.  

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My heart belongs to my two boys, Dillinger and Asher (and of course their daddy too). I love fashion and design, but I am also the outdoorsy, adventurous and athletic type. I love music and singing, but you will not find me on stage anytime soon.

Why did you start Formation? and what was your purpose for starting your own brand?

Formation began back in 2012, shortly after I left my design job with Urban Outfitters. It was then that I realized that I wanted to step out and create more freely, exploring my own concepts and aesthetics in design.

Where do you get your design/style inspiration from?

My motto for style has always been to just go with my gut. If I instantly look twice at something, I know that I like it. I look for the one-of-a-kind items, things that will set me apart. This is why I love and am inspired by vintage clothing so much. The people around me (street style) also plays a part in my creative process. 


Who has inspired you and how have they inspired you?

Many designers before me have inspired me, but one of the most influential style icons in my life was my late grandmother. She always carried herself with confidence and a poised elegance, particularly in the way she dressed and kept herself. She was naturally drawn to textiles, and the process of clothing design.


What is your design process like? (from image to product)

My favorite part of the design process is the hand-to-paper creation of garment. My second love is the technical side, where a pattern mathematically comes to life. The first sample is then made, excitedly. After that we photograph and release the collection with fingers crossed it is received well.


What would you say to someone who wants to start their own fashion brand?

Starting your own fashion line can be very exciting and rewarding, but it also takes a lot of hard work. It has to be something you feel passionate about, deep down.


What would you say to someone who wants to have a career in fashion design but is unsure of where or how to start?

The best advice I can give is to start small. When Formation was at ground level, I set realistic goals. Not to land on the runway was my first collection (and actually that was never part of m plan), but to design short collections at first and make to order. This way I did not get ahead of myself or my starting budget. Lastly, follow and ask other designers this game question. Get advice from as many designers as possible, and at different comparable levels.


What is a message you want all young women to know?

I want women to feel excitement and encouragement, knowing that they can accomplish whatever the heart desires. Go after your dreams, always. 


Where can people find you? (website/social handles)


IG: @formationdesign

Thank you to Amanda for doing this interview. Make sure to check out her fashion brand Formation. I’m truly grateful to have Amanda a part of this series!

Thank you for reading. Share below what were some of your takeaways from this interview!

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