Life is a journey.

Sincerely, MaiNou is a blog sharing our journey to living a more creative and intentional life—covering fashion, beauty, faith, personal growth, travel, food, finances, and more. Because life is a beautiful yet challenging journey, we want to come alongside you as you enter each new season. We aim to inform and inspire young women to live a more intentional life on their terms. Take the ideas you love and leave the ones you don’t. We’re all unique in our own ways, and we celebrate that. No matter where you are on your journey, let us come alongside you as you step into adulthood or navigate adulting to living your intentional life.

Sincerely, MaiNou is the rebrand of Looks by MC.

Hello, my name is Mai Nou (my-new), founder of Sincerely, Mainou. I’m a 20-something year-old woman on a journey to living more creatively and intentionally. I still don’t know what I want be when I grow up, but I love food, reading, and sunny days. This blog is an extension of my experiences and creativity. I don’t have all the answers and all the solutions, but I hope this blog serves you and inspires you no matter what season of life you’re in.

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