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I just turned 28—the big two-eight. It’s so crazy to me because I’ve always wondered where I would be in my life at this age. And I’m not where I thought I was going to be by now, at all. I feel like I have to start dreaming again, start thinking about life goals, what’s next, what should I do.


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But along with that, I’ve also learned a few things along the way. People say that age comes with wisdom. I can only pray that God will continue to give me wisdom. But I know age definitely comes with aging LOL. I can see how I’ve aged in the way I look and the way I talk and think. 


I’ve done so much reflecting which has resulted in a lot of healing from my childhood & upbringing, past experiences, thoughts & trauma. I highly recommend you reflect. Through it I’ve found inner peace & joy even if my days are hard or emotional. 


With all that said, here are 28 life advice and life lessons I’ve learned, in no particular order, and wanted to share with you:

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  1. Practice Gratitude

  2. Pray More

  3. You may not be able to control a situation or someone else, but you can always control what you say/do & how you respond

  4. Serve out of love

  5. Love because God first loved you, not because someone deserves or doesn’t deserve

  6. Stop comparing yourself to someone else

  7. Face your inner fears, childhood trauma, & insecurities—as an adult, it’s your responsible to change now

  8. Take your mental health seriously

  9. Read more

  10. Christ is the only one who can fill you with true joy & endless peace

  11. God is faithful & sovereign

  12. Life is too short

  13. Don’t be afraid to feel, emotions are not a weakness

  14. You can be confident & compassionate, brave & kind, smart & sensitive, strong & emotional, bold & empathetic

  15. The only person you can change is yourself

  16. Forgive others—you’d set yourself free. But keep in mind, forgiveness & healing are 2 different things.

  17. Reflect often—it’s a way to evaluate yourself

  18. Don’t let fear of failure or fear of success stop you from going after your goals

  19. Strive to understand others

  20. Learn to ask good questions

  21. Take control of your decisions and choices

  22. Don’t be afraid to dream big

  23. Community is extremely important

  24. God is working this very instant

  25. Curiosity leads to clarity—Start by doing something, thinking is not going to help things become clear 

  26. What you’ve gone through & what you’ve done, is not who you are

  27. Learn to live in the moment

  28. To see the good, you have to look for & pay attention to the good

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 And those are just 28 things out of the hundreds of things I’ve learned that I thought you would find relevant, impactful, or inspiring. 


Remember that your journey is not going to look like someone else’s. I wrote a post about comparison which you can read here. But everyone’s life is going to look different. Things will happen at different times for us because we’re all going through different things. 

Remember that detours happen in life. Detours are almost never planned. They will prolong the journey, but they make the destination that much more worth it. God is doing something, even in the detour. 

Thank you for reading. May these advice and lessons bless you. What are some things you’ve learned thus far in your life? Share them below!

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~ Sincerely, Mainou

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