The Simple Method to Shop More Responsibly

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I try to me more responsible when I’m shopping. One of my goals is to really build a wardrobe versus just buying trendy things that I’m going to through out in a year or two. With that said, I try to look at my wardrobe as a whole before I shop so I’m more conscious of what to actually buy. 


There is a method I’ve used for years that has helped me shop more responsibly. This method is not groundbreaking, but it has changed the way I shop. 


The Shopping list Method

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A shopping list is NOT just for groceries. It’s actually also extremely beneficial for buying fashion and beauty. 

This is how I use the shopping list method when it comes to buying fashion.


Every time I look through social media or I’m checking my email and run across something I like, I’d write it down or I’d jot it down mentally.


Then, when I’m ready to shop, I’d actually write down every item I want to buy. I try to write it as specific as possible. If I want a specific brand, I’d include that too. For example: If I just want a white tshirt, I’d just wite white tee. But if I want a specific pair of heels, I’d write Everlane Day Heel.

Now, I look at my entire wardrobe and think about whether I really need another white tshirt or if I really need another pair of heels. 

This is the part where I’d cross out things I don’t actually need. This is also the part where I may add things to the list. For example, if you look through your wardrobe and you find that your black blazer was ruined in the washer, well, maybe it’s time to get a new one. 

After looking through my wardrobe and making a list of things I want to get, now is where I split the list into 2 parts: Needs and Wants.

What are things I need to get? A need is when you don’t have matching socks and you need to buy new socks. Be honest in this area. 

After you put the list into the 2 sections, now number the items. Which products do you have to buy first or you absolutely have to get. This step is extremely helpful when I’m on a budget because if I don’t get to items 4 or 5, at least I got to buy items 1-3.

After you’ve numbered the items, time to shop! When I shop, I buy what I need first then I buy what I want, but I always buy the items in numerical order. Whatever I can’t buy within the shopping trip, I put in onto the next shopping list for next time. 


That sounds really specific, but it’s basically just looking at what you already have then make a list of the things you need and the things you want. 

You can download this shopping list download to help you:


I have used this method for years and it has helped me a lot. Shopping list is not just for groceries. Give it a try! This is also especially helpful if you’re on a budget. 


What are other shopping method you use to be more responsible? Share below!

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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