4 Things to Remember When You're Comparing Yourself

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Comparison happens. And it doesn’t always lead to a healthy place. A lot of times, it leads you down a hallway of feeling like you're lacking everything in life and/or missing out on everything in life.

When we do catch ourselves comparing our life to someone else’s life, we can choose to let it give us good motivation before it tears us down.

Here are 4 things to remember when you’re comparing yourself to someone else.

1. Success Means Something Different to Everyone
Success is not always about career, finances, or fame. Success can be about the everyday, the small choices we choose to make, the road we choose to take.
Remember that while someone’s definition of success is about making x amount of money, someone else’s definition is about creating more happy memories with their kids. We are all different. Don’t let someone else’s definition make you feel unworthy or make you feel like a failure.

2. People are in Different Seasons of Life
Yes, people are in different seasons of life, and I can’t stress this enough. We all go through different seasons of life at different times. Sometimes we’re in the sunshine season and sometimes we’re in the dark seasons. While we’re in the sunshine season, someone else may be in the dark season and vice versa. Someone else’s life will look different than yours because they’re in a different place in their life.

3. Everyone Has a Different Meaning of Their Best Life
For some people, “best life” or “ideal life” means marriage and kids—a family. For others, it’s traveling the world with a companion. And for others, it’s success in career and finances.
Don’t judge others for having a different meaning of their “best life” if it’s different from yours. Don’t let the opinions of others affect how you live or achieve your best life.

4. Everyone Has Different Dreams and Goals
Someone else’s life will look different than yours because they have different dreams and goals—they’re going to take a different path. Some dreams and goals may appear the same on paper, but in reality can take many different forms. Remember that it’s best to focus on your dreams and goals. Focusing on or dwelling over someone else’s dream is not going to move your dream forward.


I’m a strong believer in encouraging, inspiring, and motivating one another. But I think it’s important to note that we are all different.

Let someone’s success story motivate you. But don’t let it shoot you down. Life is a journey. You will go through good times and bad times.

Finally, remember that no one’s real life is Instagram perfect.

What are some helpful thoughts or tips you think about or use when you’re comparing yourself to someone else? Let me know!

~ Sincerely, Mai Nou

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