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When a special event or celebration comes near, I naturally look for what I will be wearing to that event. Sometimes I opt for whatever is already in my closet. Sometimes, I like to treat myself to something new. 

When I’m out shopping, I find plenty of nice dresses. But a lot of those dresses are the “almost perfect” dresses. You know, you like the neckline but not the sleeves, or you like the sleeves but not the length, and so on. We know that everyone has her own shape, size, and height and sometimes the fit of a dress or an outfit can make or break the look. 

So when eShakti reached out to me to try their customizing service, I was thrilled!



eshakti-where to customize your clothes is the only online women’s fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W & custom clothing. 

When you get onto the eShakti website, it looks like a normal apparel online shop. They offer beautiful clothing designs from dresses to shirts to pants. But before adding an item into your cart, you’re presented with options to customize your dress

You can order a standard size or input your personal measurements. 

You can also order a dress as it’s presented in the photos or customize the different sleeve and length to your liking. 

I say that’s pretty cool, not many places offer that ability and flexibility to their consumers.

I like the idea behind eShakti. I think it’s inclusive and it benefits women of all shapes, height, and sizes. 



I ordered the generic size 0 with my height of 4’11”. 

I love the midi length of the dress, but the top part of the dress is slightly loose. If I was to reorder, I’d definitely add my exact measurements for a more fitted top. 

For reference my waist is 25 and hip 34. If you’re petite or similar in size, I’d recommend taking advantage of their custom sizing option. Even if you’re not, give it a try. 

I also really like this dress. I love the color, quality, and floral print. Definitely a dress I plan on wearing to a wedding or special event.

I paired the blue floral dress with a pair of white sandal heels. You can find similar ones here and similar here.

eShakti has a wide range of dress styles you can choose from or customize. Definitely head on over there and check out what’s available!

Do you like when shops give you customizable options? Let me know!
Thank you for reading. As always, I wish you the best =)

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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