How to Get Free Starbucks

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Who doesn’t want free starbucks? Whether you are working full-time, a student, parent, friend, teacher—whatever it is that you do, if you can get starbucks for free—why not?! 

Here are some tips I’ve used to get my free Starbucks drinks:

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Ask for Starbucks giftcards:

If you love starbucks, it’s completely okay to ask for gift cards on your birthday or Christmas or other celebratory event that involves you. I know I always request this because it’s a simple gift and a gift I’ll most definitely use. Plus, my friends and family knows how much I love coffee in general so…this option is a no brainer.

Sign-Up for their Rewards Program:

Their program is completely free. And if you’re going to pay fullprice for a drink, get those star rewards!! That way you can accumulate them and redeem them! Sometimes they also have specials for everyone who is a part of their rewards program. Your next free drink? Coming right up!

Happy Hour:

Starbucks occassionally has happy hour—their infamous buy one, get one. You buy a drink, get the second one free! If you have a friend who loves Starbucks, let them know about the happy hour event happening—they buy their drink and you get yours free. (But if you feel like you should split the cost, at least it’ll only cost you half).

This is the secret to all my free starbucks drink. I switched to using Bing. Bing is like Google—a search engine, you search things on there. And for every search you earn 5 points. After a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for a bunch of different things including gift cards. (There’s also Target & Sephora gift cards). This is great because I already search for things everyday—but instead of using google I just use bing. Super easy. Seriously—try it! (Did I mention they also have Chipotle gift cards?!) 

Alright my friends, and those are 4 ways you can get a free starbucks drink. When I lived in the Chicago area, 90% of my Starbucks purchases were free—and it was great. If you’re a college student or just a young person working without a huge going-out-for-coffee budget—may these tips bless you! 

Do you have other tips and tricks you use? Share them with us below!!

~ Sincerely, mainou

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