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What did you want to be when you grew up? 


Honestly, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. As a teenager, I thought I’d have my life figured out by now, but I don’t. 

I made plans and things didn’t go as planned. I thought my life would be in a different season right now, but it’s not. 


So I’m back to asking myself, what do I want to be when I grow up?


After much reflection, thought, frustration, and anger—I realized something.

Life is not so much about what I want to be but rather who I want to be. 

I’ve always known this. But this year, that truth hit me harder than ever. 


Now, I’m at a place where I’m okay with whatever job I end up getting because my job doesn’t define who I am. Yes, I’d like to enjoy what I do in some capacity, and I’d like to use my skills and strengths, but my job is no longer something that keeps me up at night. 


I’m more focused on how I should change. I’ve been on a healing journey that has helped me to really dig deep into why I think certain things or feel certain things or why certain things trigger me. And through this process, I had to face childhood trauma, emotional wounds, generational hurts. It’s been difficult and hard and emotional, but I’ve refound peace and joy and it’s been transformational for me. 


I’ve found my purpose. I found new hope in Christ. 


No matter what I end up doing in terms of my job, I want to be someone who is kind, compassionate, empathetic, considerate, and intentional. I want to be someone who inspires, empowers, and challenges; someone who is honest; someone God can use. I want God’s love and amazing grace to overflow onto others. 

red beret outfit - petite fashion blogger.jpeg
red beret 04 outfit - petite fashion blogger.jpeg

I don’t know what journey you’re on but know that you’re not alone. 

The next time you wonder what you want to be, ask yourself—who do I want to be. 

Thank you for reading. Stay grateful. 

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~ Sincerely, Mainou

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