5 Things I use to Stay Organized

Photo by    STIL    on    Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash


Staying organized is important. While being organized may look different to different people, being organized influences productivity. 

I want to share with you 5 things I do and I use to help me stay organized in my work. These organizational tips and products also help me remember things—when my bills are due or when my campaign photo is due. They also help me remember upcoming events and prepare my schedule accordingly. 

Everyone has their own tips and tricks, but I hope you will find these helpful! Don’t forget to let me know what are some of your tips to help you stay organized.


Sticky notes are my best friends. I find them extremely helpful because I think a lot, and sometimes I just need a simple note to jot down an idea. From there, I just stick it on my desk or into my planner. They are convenient, portable, and affordable. 

I also use sticky notes as bookmarks for my journals and books I’m reading. When I’m planning a campaign, organizing my editorial calendar, or writing a blog post, I use sticky notes to help rearrange my ideas into a good order. 

I always have a pack of them in my purse.


I use the Calendar App on my phone to store any events that I will be attending. I don’t use this Calendar app for anything else besides scheduled events. 

I add scheduled events into my phone because I get updates about it, and I can set notification alarms. I don’t always carry my planner with me, so it’s extremely helpful to have scheduled events in my phone. 


I love planners—LOVE planners. I grew up using planners in school and the habit of using a planner stuck with me. I’m no longer in school, but every year I get myself a new planner because I use my planner for everything! 

I layout my work hours, add in events, add in blogging times and tasks. I highly recommend getting yourself a planner, whether it be virtual or physical. 

You should check out this Printable 2018 Blog Planner. Even if you’re not a blogger, this planner will still help you plan out your business or goals and tasks! 

This planner is a complete all-in-one. It has audience analysis, email campaign tracker, post ideas, collaborations, sponsored content, and the list goes on. It’s quite a comprehensive planner, but it definitely will help you be more organized and productive! 


I use journals to brainstorm ideas or write out longer prose. I have a journal for my blogging and youtube, a journal for creative writing, another journal for morning pages, and other journals for personal purposes. 

I prefer blank-paged journals because they allow me the creative freedom to draw, sketch, or write. Some people like bullet journals while others prefer lined journals, but whichever you prefer, definitely make use of journals. 

I also use my journals for brain storming sessions or brain dumps. This is where I allow my thoughts to flow free so that I can, then, prioritize and organize them accordingly into my planner.


This last one is not a product, but it’s a structure I’ve used that has helped me tremendously. I can get overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to do if I start thinking about the amount of things I have to do. I also have a bad habit of starting about other tasks before completing the task right in front me. If you can relate, definitely give this strategy a go!

How I use this tactic—I specifically set up and dedicate an amount of time for a specific task. By doing so, my brain is able to focus on just that one thing. I’m also aware that I’ve already planned for the future tasks and therefore don’t have to worry them. I’m able to push aside any distractions because I consciously already know that I will work on other tasks next. 

When I don’t apply this strategy, my productivity is like tangled wires—everything is everywhere.


Those are 5 things I use and do to stay organized and productive! Let me know in the comments what are some of the things you use or do to help you stay organized and productive. I love learning new ideas =)

Learning new things or new ideas to improve my organizational skills and productivity is always in my book. I don’t think we can ever learn enough! As a creature of habit and creature of change (isn’t funny how that works?), learning is part of my life. 

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments on how you stay organized! As always, I wish you the best.

~Sincerely, MaiNou

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