5 Ways to Recycle Unwanted Clothes


A lot of us have more clothes than we need. Occasionally, we go through our closets to see which fashion pieces we want to keep and which ones no longer serves us. People clean out their closets during the spring, end of a season, or when they are going to move. 

Whether you are cleaning out or moving out, here are 5 ways you can recycle the clothes you no longer want. 

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Donate: This is probably the most known and popular option. There are thrift stores and organizations that take unwanted clothes. This option is great if you’re a busy person and want to do something with your clothes beside throwing away the clothes. A couple rules to donating clothes is make sure to wash them and make sure they’re in good condition.

Flip the clothes: Have you seen those thrift flip videos on youtube? Attempt to flip your clothes like that! Do you have an old dress that is no longer “in style”? Maybe you can cut off the sleeves or add new buttons to make the dress trendy again. This thrift flipping clothes option definitely requires some sewing skills and creativity, but hey, it’s a great way to maintain the longevity of a fashion piece.

Sell it: You can also sell your clothes on apps like Poshmark or Depop. You can also sell vintage pieces on Instagram and Facebook. If you have a co-consignment shop, sell your brand name items there too. This is a way to get rid of something but also get some money in return. A rule to selling your clothes is make sure they’re in good and wearable condition.

Hand me downs (hand me overs): Do you have a friend, a cousin, or a sibling you can pass your clothing items to? Let them know! Giving your clothes to others is a great option if you know they will like the style of your clothes. They save money on new clothes, you get to get rid of your clothes, and it’s great for the environment! I think handing down clothes is a pretty effortless and affordable option. 

Create something new: Can’t flip the clothing piece into a new clothing piece? Then turn the clothing item into something completely new and different. If you have a blouse or skirt that you no longer wear but you like the print or the fabric, you can turn it into a scarf or a scrunchie. People have turned denim jeans into bags, hair bows, pillows, etc. You just need to get creative! 

I hope these tips were helpful for you! What are some other ways you recycle your clothes when you don’t wear or want them anymore? 

Remember that any of these options are better than throwing out the item and having it go to the landfills. Every small effort we make counts! 

Share with us the different ways you recycle your unwanted clothes in the comments below!


~ Sincerely, Mai Nou

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