How to Buy Clean Skincare Online

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Buying skincare online can be daunting. How do you know if something is going to work for your skin? Where do you even begin looking? I actually buy more of my skincare products online than in-person. Here are some tips I’ve used when I’m buying skincare online.

Look at Ingredients

For clean beauty, ingredients is huge. (Again, I’m using the term “clean” inclusively here). Regardless of what the product is labeled—natural, naturally-drivien, clean, organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic—it’s still your responsiblily as the consumer to read the label. 

I read labels now because as I get older, my skin has become more sensitive and therfore, I can’t use certain ingredients on my skin even though that ingredients is great. For example, I can’t use tea tree oil (of any kind in any form in any product) and witch hazel. These two ingredients are not bad, but my skin reacts to them, so I can’t use them.

All that said, read the label. 

Understand Your Skin Type

Understanding your skin type is important. Someone with oily skin may not want to buy the same moisturizer as someone with dry skin. Someone with sensitive skin may not want to buy something highly scented while someone else doesn’t mind scented. 

Understand your skin type. If you don’t know what skin type you are, you’ll probably most likely be a normal skin type. For oily skin types, you’ll see that your face gets shiny throughout the day whether you’re in a hot or cold climate. For dry skin, it’s the opposite—you’ll find dryness, dry patches throughout the day. 

The thing about skin type is that it may change as you age, and it may change depending on where you will. In the summer my skin is less dry so I have normal to dry skin. In the winter, my skin is extremely dry. 

What is your skin Issue

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The more you know about the skin problem you want solved, the easier it is to find the right products. If you have acne, you’ll want something targetd towards acne. If you have pores or blackheads, you’ll want to find products targeting those problems. Other probems can by textured skin, color pigmentation, dry patches, dullness. If you don’t have a particular skin problem you’re looking to solve, think about what you want the skincare to achieve. For example, you want a clean face that doesn’t dry you out—look for gentle cleansers. 


Read Reviews on the Site

Most beauty brand websites have online reviews. Take advantage of these reviews—read them! The reviewers typically will include their skin tone shade, age, and skin type. Knowing these details will really help because you can use that as a guide. Plus, the reviews are real people saying real things. 

  • A few things I look at: the ratings of the product, the best review, the worst review


Watch Reviews on YouTube

If reading online reviews is not enough, or you’re not a reader, head over to YouTube. I can assure you—someone somewhere reviewed what you want to purchase. I think YouTube reviews are extremely helpful because you get to see what the person looks like. The reviewer will also tell you their skin type and even compare the product to other brands you may be more familiar with and say whether they recommend the product and why. 

Purchase Sample or Mini Versions (if available)

Sometimes online beauty stores offer samples or mini version for purchase. Take full advantage of these mini versions. This is especially useful for any foundation-type product and skincare products that you have never used before. I like samples and mini versions because they’re more affordable, and I’m able to use the product to decide if I want to get the full size. 

This is also helpful if the product you want to get is a high-end or a more expensive skincare product.

Buy Other Things First, Get Free Samples

Most beauty online stores offer free samples for every purchase or when you purchase an X amount of product. If I see that there are free samples for products I want to try (but have never used before), I’d buy other things I want or I know I don’t need to test then I add the free samples into my cart. 

This option is great if you already have a list of things you were looking to buy. (I highly recommend the shopping list method for beauty products! It helps you not to overspend and helps you to be intentional about what you’re buying).

Those are tips I’ve used that has helped me buy skincare online. I’ve found these tips very helpful. I hope these are helpful for you! Here are 7 clean beauty brands and 6 affordable clean beauty brands you can check out.

What are some other ways or tips you use when shopping skincare online? Share them below!

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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