7 Simple Ways to be More Conscious & Save Money in Your Home

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I believe that we can all do a little bit of something everyday to better the environment. I wrote a post about things to remember when you want to live more sustainably. I think that because we all live different lifestyles, our lives are not going to look like someone else’s life. But as long as we are doing what we can, that’s still great. Everyone doing something small is still better than doing nothing at all. 

With that said, here are some simple ways you can be more conscious in your home & also save money. 


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Avoid buying 1-use plastic water bottles:

If you live in a place where tap water is safe to drink, avoid buying the 1-use plastic water bottles. Get a britta filter or a water filter system for your home. This way you’re not buying plastic you don’t need and you’re saving money. If you like to take the bottles with you, get a reusable water bottle. 

* There does come a time and place when you may have to buy plastic water bottles—in that case, remember to recycle them.

Here are some water bottles: cell phone holder water bottleMarble 17oz water bottle, Nike 24oz water bottle, and Oasis water bottle.

Wash your clothes in Cold:

When you can, wash your clothes in cold water because it uses less energy and produces less carbon pollution. The good side to this is you’ll save money on your energy bill, plus washing clothes in cold water can reduce clothes shrinking or altering.

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Reuse glass bottles/jars:

All my glass jars from sauces or pickled foods become drinking cups, pencil holders, or flower vases. Reusing these help you to save money on cups or vases. You’re also getting your money’s worth.


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle:

I think this one is obvious—recycle everything that can be recycled: paper, plastic, glass, metal. Read the labels and read up on how your town/city does recycling. I think if anything, this is the most important first step to doing what you can to be more conscious. Plus, in certain cities, you can turn in your recycling for money—hey, it doesn’t hurt making that extra cash. 


Make coffee at home:

If you’re a coffee drinker, this will save you money in the long run. I drink coffee—a lot. But I know that I really don’t need to spend $3-$5 a day on a cup of coffee from Starbucks or a local coffee shop—that’s anywhere from $100-$150 a month. I can buy a bag of coffee grounds for $10 to brew myself at home that can last me a good month. Plus, when you make coffee at home, you’re not using the 1-use paper cups or plastic cups a lot of coffeeshops offer. 

* This is not to say avoid all coffeeshops. I love coffeeshops and I go there a lot. But when you can, make coffee at home. You can also bring your own mug or cup to the coffeeshop so you won’t have to use the paper cups there.


Get hand towels instead of paper towels:

You can buy a pack of 5 hand towels that can last you quite a long while before you have to purchase new ones. You can designate different towels for different purposes—one to wipe things down, one to dry your hands, one to wipe the tables & counters. You just have to wash them & they’re good to use again. You save money in the long run. Paper towels are only good for 1 time uses, and you’ll constantly need to buy more. So if you can, invest in some hand towels.

Here are some towels: Home State dish towel, Madewell chef towel set, hand and face towel, and Cotton hand towels.

Buy less:

I think that a lot of people have more than they need. I’m not saying don’t buy anything, but I am saying think before you buy. Do you really need another pair of shoes? Or another bookshelf? Or couch? Buying less will also save you money and create less clutter in your home.

And those are 7 simple things you can incorporate into your life to not only save money but live more consciously. 

I also want to remind you that it’s about what you can do and every little thing you do counts. I hope that was helpful! What are other things you do to help save money? Share them below! 

~Sincerely, Mainou

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