5 Faith-based Podcasts for Women

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When I lived in the suburb of Chicago, my commute to work was around 35-45 minutes depending on traffic. The commute home, however, was always 45 minutes to an hour. To help ease Chicago traffic, I jumped onto the podcast bandwagon. And let me tell you, best decision ever! 

I work remotely now (work from home), but I still listen to podcasts every day. In fact, my podcast show subscription has grown. I enjoy listening to a variety of different genres of podcasts from mental health, to marriage, to business, to religion, and everything in between. Here are 5 Christian podcasts you should consider listening to. 

Journey Women Podcast: This was the very first Christian woman podcast I subscribed to. I love the way Hunter interviews different guests and talks about relevant topics. I also like how diverse her guests are and the conversations are gospel-centered. Very encouraging podcast!

Theology Gals: This is one of the newest podcasts I subscribed to. The two hostess discuss theological ideas, Christian living, the Bible. Sometimes they have guests on the show. It’s a great listen for anyone interested in Reformed theology and Christian worldview. The way they discuss certain topics make it digestible and easy to understand.

The Next Right Thing: I love Emily P freeman’s voice. She sounds so soothing & encouraging. Her episodes are also shorter than the average, each episode is between 10-20 minutes. This podcast show focuses on making decisions, how to make decisions, and what does making the right decision look like. A highly highly recommended show. Seriously. So good.

Focus on the Family: This one is not specifically geared towards women, but I think it has great and relevant content for all believers. There are specific episodes on motherhood, women in ministry, raising daughters. A great podcast show to listen to.

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Knowing Faith: This podcast is also not specifically geared towards women. It’s a podcast created by the Village Church. The 3 hosts discusses theological topics, invites guests and talks about theological topics. I would recommend this to anyone who’s interested in theology, doctrine, Christian living. The conversations in this podcast is more dense. If you’re into doctrine and theology, this is a great podcast to listen to.  

And those are my 5 podcast recommendations for anyone looking to listen to a Christian podcast show. I rotate between these 5 weekly. If you’ve never listened to podcasts before, I highly recommend that you do!

Launch your own podcast course: If you’ve been listening to different podcast shows and want to start your own, look no further! This course is for you! It’ll teach you what you need and the steps to get started. Click to check out the course today.

If you have other Christian-based podcast shows, share them in the comments! Podcast is a great way to gain knowledge and learn new things. It allows you to attain information. Plus, all currently free! 

~ Sincerely, MaiNou

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