5 Podcasts for Personal Growth & Entrepreneurship

podcast for personal growth, mindset, and entrepreneurship

It’s no surprise I listen to podcasts. I’ve talked about it on my Instagram and I wrote a post about other podcasts I listened to here.


Today I want to share with you 5 personal growth & entrepreneur podcasts that I enjoy listening to. I’ve listened to these podcasts for months now, some over a year. I’ve found a lot of inspiration, tools, and knowledge about life, business, mindset and personal growth through all these podcasts.


If you’re interested in personal growth and entrepreneurship, definitely check out these podcasts! 


Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller

Cathy’s podcast was one of the very first podcast I subscribed to when I started my podcast journey. I love the way she interviews, and I always find something tangible & practical to do after each episode. I also love how she always recaps takeaways from every interview she does. This is super helpful. The people she interviews are also a wide-range of people in different businesses or creative work. Love her podcast. It has helped me tremendously. Go give it a listen. The podcast covers a range of topics, but primarily focuses on mindset and business.


Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon

I’ve been following Julie for a while but have only started listening to her podcast this year. And I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner! She does shorter episodes where she provides ideas or tangible tasks you can do for your business. But she also does longer episodes where she interviews people of influencer—whether they’re in business, politics, education, academia, etc. There is always a takeaway I can implement everytime I listen to an episode. She covers a wide range of topics in her episodes, but primarily focuses on influencers/influencing and business.


Rise by Rachel Hollis

I just started listening to Rise a few months ago, and I’ve been loving it. I even listened to a bunch of her old episodes. The episodes are longer, typically half-hour to an hour, but they’re packed full of knowledge and wisdom. She has episodes where she just talks to you—these make me feel like I’m in a life coach session. I always come away with something I need to reflect on or implement. She also interviews people and her interviews are always inspiring. She covers a wide-range of topics but her focus is more personal growth/mindset and business. 


Super Soul by Oprah

A fellow Instagrammer recommended this show to me a few months back, and I’m so happy she did. Super soul episodes range from Oprah talking, interviews, stage talks, seminars. I love the variety in speakers and topics. I always come out each episode feeling more compassionate & inspired. It has opened my mind to understand people better. I also just love the stories people are telling in each episode. If you need a dosage of inspiration, go give this a listen! This focuses more on stories, growth, mindfulness, mindset. 


The Ikonns by Alex & Mimi Ikonn

I’ve been following Alex & Mimi for a looong while now. They recently launched their podcast but I have enjoyed listening to them. They have episodes where they answer questions and discusses mindset and business topics. I find these very helpful. They also have episodes where they interview business leaders. I especially love these episodes because the listener gets to hear how the interviewee grew up, their struggle, their failures, and their overcomings. I just find these stories extremely inspiring because so often we only see the success and we don’t hear the failures and struggles. Their show is focused on personal growth, mindfulness, and business. 


Alrighty friends, those are 5 personal growth and entrepreneur podcast I listened to that has helped and inspired me and my journey.


I enjoy listening to podcast because it gets my brain thinking, and I find them insightful. Plus, I can listen to the podcast episodes while I work or drive.


What are some podcast you like to listen to? Share below!

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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