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Summer is a time for cute and light outfits. During this time of year, I like to keep my outfit as simple as possible. It can get quite hot in the midwest so I try to avoid layering. One of my favorite things to wear in the summer are dresses.



Summer is a great time to play with and try out different fashion trends, prints, colors, and fashion styles. I like playing with different styling ideas, I like trying out different trends, I love colors and prints. I think it’s important to challenge ourselves and try something new, especially when it comes to style. Because through trying different things, I’m able to truly come to terms with what I like and what I don’t like. Now, I’m at a place where I’ll try trends that works with my style. I’ll wear prints and colors that I like. I’m more conscious about what I choose to wear because I know what I like to wear.

If you don’t know your “fashion sense” or “personal style,” no worries! You will in time. Plus, keep in mind that you will change as a person and that means your style will change along with you as well—and that’s okay. What I wore in high-school is not exactly what I’d wear now—and I’m completely okay with that.

Things You Can Do

Ask Questions

Finding your personal style has a lot more to do with how you feel than who you are. Here are a few questions I use to hone in on my personal style:

  • Does this make me feel comfortable?

  • Why do I like this piece of clothing? or this styling trend? (It’s cute, it’s cool, I like the length, I like the color, the print, etc)

  • Do you I have something in my closet I can pair this piece with?

These questions are simple, but I think by asking them I’ve learned to really find within myself why I wear certain things and like certain things. At the end of the day, if you like something, buy it!

Even if the style or the piece is out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to try it. A lot of times we don’t feel comfortable because of our own insecurity or we’re afraid of what others will say. You will only become more comfortable with it by repeatedly wearing it.


Pinned Outfits/Saved Outfits

Something I did overtime was I would save outfits on social media or Pinterest that I liked. Then I’d go back and look over the outfits I’ve saved and the was when I was able to evaluate the types of outfits I like.

You don’t have to do this over a year, you can spend an hour on instagram and save outfits you like on there. This activity doesn’t take long.

If you find that the outfits you’re saving is different from the actual clothes you wear, then maybe it’s time to try something new! Start by incorporating one new item into your closet. For example, if you saved a bunch of outfits with crop tops but you don’t own any, go buy a crop top (or make your own) and start styling with that one thing. From there, you find reevaluate and see if you actually like that style or if it was just an idea that you thought you’d like but you actually don’t.

Ask your Friends or Family

This tip is not necessary but if you need direction, it’s something you can do.

For this tip, it’s easier to do if you’re already at the shopping mall or if you’re shopping online together.

You can ask them, what do you see me wearing? And don’t worry, they will tell you what they see you wearing.

The thing about this tip is sometimes what they see you wearing is not something you’d wear at all. But even so, you still get an idea of what others think of your style, which will help you change or define your personal style.

Alright, I hope those tips are helpful for you! Don’t worry about not knowing your style either. Style changes as you change and that’s completely okay.

Here are some shirt dresses and sneakers you can check out (click on the photo for details):

Thank you for reading! Do you other tips you use to define your personal style? Share with us below!


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