How to Achieve Your Goals

Photo by  STIL  on  Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash


We all have goals and dreams. The difficult part is not dreaming the dreams or writing out our goals. The difficult part is how do we go about to actually achieving our goals.

As humans, we plan for our future, we want to accomplish certain things and do certain things. Of course sometimes life happens and life throws curveballs onto our paths, sometimes we have to get back up and try again, and other times we have to pivot from our original plan.

Regardless, we all have hopes and dreams. I do. And I’m sure you to do.

Here are some tips and advice to help you start achieving your goals.

Write down one of your main goals. What is the one thing you want to accomplish?

If you’re anything like me, you have more than one goal at a time. But that can make it difficult to fully achieve any of those goals.

I find that when you narrow your dream down to one or two (three max) goals, then your goal becomes more attainable.

So ask yourself, what is one of your main goals and write it down. Writing it down is extremely important because it helps to remind you of what you want to achieve.

What is the time frame you have to achieve the goal?

I think knowing the amount of time you need to accomplish a goal is important. It’s helpful and useful information that will only assist you in being more productive and getting you that much closer to your goals. When there’s a timeline or timeframe to accomplish something, it’ll be easier on you to start doing the small tasks. Because planning for a 3-month goal looks different than a 1-week goal.

Of course we all have life-long goals, but even then, there are small milestones we have to reach and those milestones are goals within themselves.

Break down the main goal into smaller goals

When you have a goal, that goal has minor goals within it. An illustration of this is say the goal is the top floor and the minor goals are the floors in-between. You have to reach each floor that comes before the top floor before you can reach the top floor.

So list out what the smaller goals or milestones are that you can achieve in order to fully achieve your main goal. This is also easier to do when you know the timeframe you have.

For example if you have 3 months to learn how to swim, you can then break it down into individual months; your smaller goals are now, learn how to tread in a month, then how to dive the second month, and maybe how to do the break stroke the last month. You get the picture.

If the duration of your goal is a year, think about that timeframe and then breakdown your main goal accordingly.

Create tangible tasks from the smaller goals

After you’ve broken down the main goal into smaller goals, now you have to create tangible tasks. Tangible tasks are to-do lists, different steps or procedures that you need to do to accomplish the smaller goal in order to ultimately achieve the main goal.

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These tangible tasks can be broken down to weekly things you need to do, but it can also be very detailed and be daily or hourly things you need to do.

The key point to this tip is that these tasks are not necessarily “goals,” they are manual things you actually have to do. Taking the swimming example above, some tangible tasks could be find a swimming class, sign-up for swimming class, buy swimsuit, practice diving for 1 hour every Monday, etc.

Prioritize when to complete the tasks

Now, after you’ve accumulated a list of tasks it is time to prioritize them. I know that I subconsciously create tasks by thinking about what I should do first, but even then I still take time to look at all the tasks as a whole so I can change certain tasks or rearrange different steps.

This doesn’t mean you complete all the tasks in one day. After prioritizing the tasks, then set them out according to the smaller goals you created.

Reflect and change tasks accordingly 

I think reflecting is really important. Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of time we’ll have to invest or the extra steps/tasks we’ve forgotten until we start actually doing things. After a week or so, I like to review my progress and my process. If something is not working or giving me the results I want, I go in and change it for the coming week.

I keep my tasks flexible but not my smaller goals or my main goal. By keeping the tasks flexible it allows room for me to grow and learn.

Those are some tips on how you can achieve your goals. I use these questions and tips to help me everyday to accomplish my goals both big and small goals.

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