5 Bible Study Apps You Should Try Out

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When it comes to reading, physical books are still my preference. However, I don’t always think about taking my books with me when I travel or go somewhere. Which is why I’ve ventured into the world of ebooks and audiobooks and….they’ve changed my life—like, legit changed my life (lol).

Today I want to share with you 5 Bible study or Bible reading apps that I use and rotate on a regular basis. I like these apps because they’re intuitive to use, they have good content, and they have a wide range of study selection. Also, most of the resources in these apps are available for free! 

While I like physical devotional books, I have found that these apps have helped me to read the Bible more just because I carry my phone with me everywhere. I can read the Bible or read through a devotion even if I’m not home. 

Here are 5 Bible study or Bible reading apps you should try.

Love God Greatly: For Apple Users || For Android Users

This app has a blog section and a Bible studies section. The blog has great posts with different and relevant topics. They also offer a wide selection of Bible study topics and the studies are free! The study topics range from books of the Bible to topical studies to character studies. This app also has a Bible reading plan if you’re interested in just reading the Bible.

She Reads Truth: For Apple Users || For Android Users

This app offers both free and paid Bible studies. The studies cover a wide range of topics. You’re able to set a study reminder through the app. This app also has the Bible available in a few different translations. You can read the Bible or refer to it as you work through the different studies. It doesn’t offer specific Bible reading plans.

Daily Grace Co: For Apple Users || For Android Users

This app has a blog that updates daily with Biblical references, stories, and testimonies. They don’t offer free Bible studies, but they do have free samples of their Bible studies available if you want to purchase any of the studies. It’s an intuitive app. The app also links to their website which offers a wide range of resources.  

Bible App: For Apple Users || For Android Users

The Bible app I use is YouVersion. This app offers a huge range of Bible studies from various different speakers and authors. It has a verse of the day which can be sent to you daily. There’s a search option which I love using—you can search bible verses, key phrases, or specific topics. This app also has the most Bible translations and languages available. There are also Bible reading plans you can read through. Plus, almost everything is free. I use this app the most on the daily.

First 5 App: For Apple Users || For Android Users

This app has a wide range of Bible study topics and the studies are free. You have the option to join a group to go through the study together or you can do it by yourself (or those around you). You can take notes, highlight, and bookmark important key points you want to save. You’re also able to track your progress as you work through the different studies. This app is hosted by Proverbs31 Ministries.

And those are the 5 Bible study apps I’ve used and enjoyed. I hope you will give them a try too. 

A few months ago, I challenged myself to read the Bible more. I wanted to know God more and deepen my faith and my relationship with Him, and the only way I knew how was to read the Word.

I did that through reading my phsycial Bible, the Bible app (which is like an ebook), and audibly (like an audio book). I realized that each different way of reading the Bible plays out differently in my brain. When I’m reading the physical book I’m in student-mode—I read into the details and I can get lost in the research and meaning of each word. When I’m reading the ebook version (through an app), I can read chapters after chapters because I’m not nitpicking every word—rather, I’m reading for context and each verse or cluster of verses becomes more clear to me. When I’m listening to the Bible, it’s like straight up watching a movie play in my head—and I can just listen to it all day.

Anyways, let me what are some of your Bible study apps you use or some Bible study books you love! And if you have any Bible study tips, share them all in the comments! 

~Sincerely, Mainou

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