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I’ve been using some 100% Pure makeup products for a few months now. I’m in the process of transitioning to clean beauty so I decided to buy some products from 100% Pure. I’ve heard of this brand before and I figured I will try them out and see if I like the products or now.

Yes, 100% Pure is clean makeup, but more than that, 100% Pure has good products. I love all the products that I bought. I was even surprised at how good their products were. Granted, I didn’t buy everything single thing they offered. But what I did purchase, I love.


With that said, here are the reviews for each product:

Bamboo Blur Loose Powder | Click here for product details

This powder comes in 4 shades: Tan, Medium, Light, Translucent

I got mine in translucent. The translucent does have a subtle white tint, so I only use it on my t-zone and undereye area. It’s definitely not a white cast. (The non-translucent powders do have sheer to light coverage). I do find that after about 30 minutes the tint does go away. I also like that it doesn’t have a scent. 

I really like this powder. It’s easy to use. It’s not streaky on the skin. It blends nicely on top of foundation and no-makeup skin. I love the packaging—makes it easy to use and less messy. The powder is also super fine, it’s not chunky or coarse at all—finely mild.

It does mattify the skin but doesn’t dry it out. It does subtly blur my pores, but I find that the blurring is more visible if I use a primer underneath the powder. 

Overall, I like this powder and will continue to use it. It’s also natural and vegan. If you’re looking for a natural non-toxic loose power, definitely check this out!


Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Coquette | Click here for product details

This lipstick comes in 20 shades. I love love the packaging—so pretty and so cute. It also smells like berries and goodness. 

The lipstick applies smoothly on the lips. It has buildable coverage. It’s moisturizing but not glossy. It feels comfortable on the lips. I love the thinner size of the lipstick, it’s make applying easier. 

I also love the color of this lipstick. The rest of the colors also look really pretty—this lipstick has a good wide-range of shades available. 

The lipstick does last a good 4-6 hours, but it does transfer if you’ll be drinking coffee or tea or be kissing your babies or pets.

Overall, I love this lipstick. Will definitely be getting more shades!


Fruit Pigmented Blush Powder in Plum | Click here for product details

This is a pressed powder blush and comes in 12 different shades. It comes in a gorgeous tin packaging—so cute and pretty. 

It doesn’t have a scent which is nice. 

The shade Plum is a deeper pink shade. It is very pigmented, so use a light hand and a little bit of product goes a long way. But it’s buildable and easy to blend. It leaves the skin with a nice natural flush of pink. 

It’s also a matte blush but looks very natural. It has a natural glow to it that’s not shimmery or dewy—just very natural. The blush is not a flat matte. 

Overall, love this blush. Highly recommend it!


Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer in Cocoa Glow | Click here for product details

This bronzer only comes in 3 shades. I bought the darkest shade and I think it works well with my skin tone. I have a light-medium skin tone with yellow undertones. 

The only downside to this bronzer is that they don’t have a wider range of colors. 

This bronzer comes in a cute tin packaging, similar to the blush. The bronzer has a nice natural finish. It’s not super matte, not super shimmery—it has a nice tan glow. I also like the color, it’s not too orangey, it’s a nice warm brown. 

It warms up the face without looking too shimmery, orangey, or dusty. It blends easy and is buildable.


Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder in Medium Brown | Click here for product details

This Brow gel comes in only 2 shades: soft brown and medium brown. My hair is a light black so I opt for the medium brown. 

I would normally go with a lighter grey-taupe shade, but I think the color works with my hair. It comes through my brows very easy. The color is not super dark or pigmented that your brow ends up looking like a caterpillar, it gives a nice tint that makes your brows look fuller but natural. I also like that there’s not a lot of product packed onto the wand so it’s easy to comb through the brow. 

It also holds the brow hair in place without making them super stiff. They won’t feel like glue on your face.  

Overall, I really like this brow gel. It holds my brows and gives me enough color to fill my brows. 



> Bamboo Blur Loose Powder - Click here to shop powder

> Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze - Click here to shop lipstick

> Fruit Pigmented Blush Powder - Click here to shop blush

> Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer - Click here to shop bronzer

> Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder - Click here to shop brow gel

And those are all the products I’ve been using and loving. I legit like these products so much, I think they would make great gifts for friends and family! I bought them with my own money and they’re so worth every penny! I know I’ll be using them until I hit pan.

If you’re looking for new makeup products to try, definitely check out 100% Pure. Even if clean beauty isn’t your thing, a good makeup product is a good makeup product so definitely check out this brand! If you are looking for cleaner makeup options, look no further!

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite makeup brands? Share below!

~ Sincerely, Mainou

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