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How do you stay consistent on Instagram? How do you come up with ideas to post? Are hashtags dead? What do you need to do to connect well with others on Instagram? Don’t fret—I got you.

Instagram has been around since 2010. The app has evolved to have more features. And now there’s about 1 billion users on the app daily. That’s insane. Instagram is not a search engine like Google, YouTube, or Pinterest. It’s a free social media app. It’s made to connect people.

I personally like Instagram—a lot. It’s one of my current favorite social media platforms. It’s easy to use, easy to create content for. It’s easy to connect with people, find like-minded people, and engage with others.

You connect with people through following them, following hashtags, engaging with their photos or videos.

Instagram appeals to many people because of it’s visual features—it’s mainly photos and videos. Who doesn’t like beautiful, inspiring, or cute photos? Instagram is also great because the ads that Instagram runs are seamlessly integrated into your feed and story that a lot of the times you don’t even notice it’s an ad.

But being on Instagram can get overwhelming if you start to play the comparison game or you’re unsure of what to post or you don’t have a strategy in place.

People often ask me, how do you always come up with ideas? How are you so consistent on Instagram?

So, I created a FREE PDF Guide just for you that shares some of my top tips on how I

  • Remain consistent on the Instagram

  • Connect well with others

  • Have a cohesive brand

Get this FREE Instagram Tips to Succeed Guide:

These tips are great for anyone whether you’re running a business, you’re a brand, or just want to enhance your Instagram and connect with others.

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Even if you don’t get this free guide, the number ONE factor to connecting with people and growing on Instagram is consistency. Being consistent in your posting helps you to show up on other people’s feed, and Instagram favors your consistency.

If you’re building a brand, this is also important because it lets your audience know that you’ll show up. If you want to start growing your Instagram, or start a brand and want to utilize Instagram—start by posting at least once a day.

This FREE guide is filled with tips I use all the time. And you can get it all for FREE!

What are some of your Instagram tips? Share below!

~Sincerely, Mainou

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